Ayurvedic incense sticks

A fine fragrance that does good

Jvo A. Maurer

Hand rolled, 100% natural, plastic free packaging and fair trade.

Paropakaram incense sticks are not only of the highest quality, they also create long-term security and prospects for low-income people in India.
The traditional craft of rolling incense sticks is increasingly giving way to machine production. Not only the incense sticks lose a vital piece of quality, many jobs, mainly of women, disappear. We therefore rely on fairly paid manual labor, completely without machines.

Sun dried

Paropakaram incense sticks are not dried in a wind turbine, but in the South Indian sun. This not only saves electricity but gives the incense sticks a very special character.

Environmentally friendly packed

Plastic-free and sustainable: Not only in the production of the incense sticks, but also in the packaging we have paid special attention to a holistic approach. For this reason, we use recycled cardboard in the production of the packaging, and old newspapers are used for the inner pockets.
Incense with Parokaram incense cleanses the body and environment, harmonizes and contributes to balance. It allows us to let go of stress and tension and find our center.
Queen of the night
Here and Now
Dance of colors
Protection and strength

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